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Potholing Hydro Excavation Technology Saves Time and Money

April 21, 2017

Potholing, also known as daylighting, is the process of using hydro excavation technology to find and expose underground pipes, cables and utilities. The combination of high pressure water and high velocity vacuum makes potholing the safest and most efficient excavation technique, saving time and money over traditional digging methods.

In many scenarios, excavators have to make a "best guess” about the location of underground pipelines and utilities, causing harm not only to the infrastructure but also the ecosystem.

Not only is potholing safe and efficient, it allows for precision. The high pressure water and the use of various nozzles, allows operators to surgically excavate holes of all shapes and depths. And while the high pressure water easily removes the soil, it will not harm any underground infrastructure. In fact, the potholing process exposes the infrastructure so that it can be easily accessed.

Additionally, potholing hydro excavation can be used in locations that are inaccessible with hard-edge machines. If you have a difficult to reach location or an area to excavate that is close to a building or other structure, potholing is the ideal solution. Operators can extend the lengths of their water line and vacuum hose to get to those hard to reach places.

Damage caused by conventional excavation can be extremely costly to fix. Damage also causes prolonged downtime, decreased production and increased insurance rates. Potholing and hydro excavation provides a quicker and cleaner operation with less risk involved.

Clean Harbors expert potholing and hydro excavation teams can pinpoint excavation areas with greater accuracy and sensitivity compared to mechanical methods. Our equipment minimizes the impact to the surrounding environment by directly targeting the source with a smaller entrance point which results in less backfilling.

Hiring an expert team like Clean Harbors will not only save you time and money, but will also provide you with a reliable solution that you can trust. Clean Harbors turnkey solutions include: provisional water supply, hydro testing, waste disposal, pigging and support equipment such as portable tanks and vacuum trucks and boxes.

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