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There is an advantage to coming into a comfortable housing environment that makes you feel like you are back home compared to large institutional lodges.
There's an advantage to coming into a comfortable housing environment that makes you feel like you are back home compared to large institutional lodges.

Clean Harbors Lodging Services offer more comfort, quality, and flexibility than any other lodging service in the industry.

Clean Harbors Lodging Services provide full-service options to meet all of your lodging needs. We offer short- and long-term accommodations to help your workers feel as close to home as possible. This keeps up morale and productivity while away from loved ones. Clean Harbors sets the new quality of life standard for accommodations with high-end catering and housekeeping as well as relaxing common areas for working out or watching satellite TV.

Clean Harbors Lodging Advantages

  • Permanent and temporary camps
  • Mobile drill camps
  • Customizable rooms and workspaces
  • Excellent catering and housekeeping
  • Manufacturing and wastewater treatment services
  • Quick delivery
  • Flexible commitments 
Open Lodges

Open Lodges

Clean Harbors Lodging Services is a leading housing provider of Open Lodges and provides premier accommodations.

Each camp is strategically located to provide convenient access to various oil and gas projects. They are designed to best utilize the site’s landscape by incorporating the personal, social, and recreational aspects of camp living in order to accommodate the needs of today’s workforce.

Our complete turnkey camps provide our guests with a wide selection of accommodations and services. Each camp offers private and semi-private room styles which are attentively maintained daily by our housekeeping staff.

Download Fact Sheet (Oilsands Lodge)
Download Fact Sheet (Ruth Lake Lodge)
Download Fact Sheet (Sierra Select Lodge) *This Lodge is booked until 2026.

Open Camp Fast Facts

  • Over 3,500 beds throughout Western Canada
  • Full turnkey operations in all open camps
  • Designed and manufactured by Clean Harbors
  • Variety of private and semi-private room styles
  • Meeting rooms
  • Fitness facilities
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Laundry facilities
  • Recreation room
  • Satellite TV and wireless internet
  • On-site 24-hour maintenance staff
  • On-site parking with plug-ins
  • Exceptional service
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Portable Camps

Portable Camps

Clean Harbors offers permanent and temporary camp options for workers living on-site. 

Oil and gas field workers at times require local lodging accommodations during intense field projects. However, identifying lodging that most closely resembles the comforts and safety of home, while adhering to your core business values, may be a challenge. We can provide straightforward housing and workspaces as well as custom arrangements for unique situations. 

Custom options:

  • Executive and larger rooms
  • Recreation and exercise facilities
  • Connecting corridors
  • Office and work areas
  • Separate accommodations for Management and other groups

Clean Harbors has over 35 years of industry experience. We will work with your team to create the most appropriate lodging spaces—allowing your workers to relax and focus on the important tasks at hand.

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Drill Camps

Drill Camps


Have your workforce feel right at home with our spacious 14-foot wide, single occupancy units, complete with TV, Internet and satellite in each bedroom.

Clean Harbors provides fully equipped mobile drill camps to integrate into your short-term, off-site business needs.

Mobile drill camps are convenient and necessary for specific drilling projects. We create our camps to provide your workers with the best away-from-home conditions to keep morale high and productivity thriving. 

  • Single occupancy and double occupancy camps available
  • Five-, six- and twelve-unit camps available
  • Skidded, easily relocatable and durable
  • 14-, 26- and 52-bed configurations
  • Two-unit mini camps with six bedrooms

Our Drill Camps can be set up within a 24-hour period, and office workspaces can be added to further customize your business requirements. Clean Harbors has everything you need to prepare for successful off-site projects.

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Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater Treatment Plants


Our technicians follow a competency-based learning program to ensure they have the technical knowledge needed to safely operate and maintain the wastewater treatment equipment.

With Clean Harbors Wastewater Treatment Plants, we provide a fleet of fully portable wastewater treatment plants that can be placed in remote locations. We also use a low-cost, effective technology to keep the environment safe during the process. Wastewater treatment involves disposing waste at fixed locations as well as an in-depth knowledge of complex process permit and report regulations. We regularly test our plants to ensure all regulations are being followed correctly.

Clean Harbors Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Reduce transportation and disposal costs
  • Prevent system spills or freeze-ups due to weather
  • Ensure compliance with jurisdictional regulations

Clean Harbors also offers sewage holding tanks and membrane treatment systems for environmental protection to provide a full-service wastewater treatment option to suit your business needs. 

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Sanitherm® Water Technology

Sanitherm® Water Technology


Sanitherm, Inc., a Clean Harbors company, can provide your business with the most reliable and cost-effective sewage and wastewater treatment solutions.

Sewage and wastewater treatment requires a team of experts to properly and safely process waste and dispose in the most environmentally effective way. You need to identify a company you can trust to follow regulations and guidelines every time. 

Sanitherm has over 60 years of experience in the Water and Wastewater Treatment industry and has designed highly effective techniques and methods to handle your sewage and wastewater needs.

To learn more about our wastewater treatment solutions, please visit Sanitherm.

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